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I almost didn't go to Oculus Connect. It was a busy time for me and I was undecided right up until just about the last minute. Leading up to the show I was having some low level worries about VR's current implementation that had me in a bit of a crisis.

Part of these worries concerned Oculus as a company. They've grown so big, so fast. How could a group as small as the original core Oculus team possibly survive the ministrations of Facebook and Samsung? I also wasn't convinced that the show would be terribly successful. It was the first time that Oculus was hosting something along those lines. I met up with Blair Renaud (@anticleric) at the airport by chance and grumbled a bit to him about how I wasn't sure how well the developer demos would be run. Part of me was worried we'd be thrown into a room with some power outlets and told "Great to see you! Thanks for coming. Go to it!! We'll be back at 8pm to see you out."

Gear VR looked like a tough promise to deliver on. DK2 has had issues right out of the gate and it seemed pretty tough for Oculus to pull off something halfway decent out of the gate on mobile.

What made me decide to go despite these concerns was a need to see for myself what was what. The internet can be a great source for opinion and a terrible source for information.

You absolutely need to leave your office sometimes and reassess. So I did.

Here are some brief thoughts:

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- by Robert McGregor, October 2014