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DK2 Configuration Demo


Great week so far. DK2 is better than anticipated in many ways. I would expect that the average VR immersion time per session will be going sharply up over the next short while. The device works and it works very well. Great work by Oculus on the engineering and on the current (very smooth) roll out.

I've been quite engaged by the included demo scene with the Oculus Configuration Utility. It works well as a demonstration of positional tracking and I enjoy the concept of a virtual desk. I spend most of my reality sitting at a desk, I might as well spend my virtual time at one as well.

With that in mind, I was somewhat surprised at how bare a desk we've been given to stare at, so I took it upon myself take it a bit further this evening. I'm very pleased by how well the DK2 handles text!

[ UPDATE: 5ess was kind enough to create a video this morning, to show this in action. Thank you 5ess! (Spanish) ]

Here are a few awkwardly taken pictures to give you an idea:

If you want to try this out on your own machine, it will take you about only a minute to get setup. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the modified texture file (please the the end of this post. 18mb!)
  2. Change the write permissions on the following folder: "C://Program Files (x86)/Oculus/Tools/Resources/DeskScene" This folder should be read only, you must set it to WRITE (right click it and view properties. You will want to use the Security tab to change permissions. You may need to be running Windows explorer as Administrator in order to make this change. [right click windows explorer, choose "Run as Administrator.")
  3. Make a backup of "ConfigUtilDeskScene.png" so that you can restore it later.
  4. Overwrite "ConfigUtilDeskScene.png" with the new texture file you downloaded in step one.
  5. Run the demo! Enjoy!

( I hope you like xkcd. Keep a sharp look out and use the positional tracking to your advantage: there are a number of hidden things in the scene to be found! )

(if you have any problems getting this to work, please let me know in the comments below and I will try to help you out. I can also be reached on Twitter at most hours of the day and night at: @ID_R_McGregor)

All images and photos used here are for entertainment purposes only and belong to their respective and highly talented creators - of which there are many.

Texture file link: Download!

- by Robert McGregor, July 2014